Part 1: Before the Trip

Hello! It is Friday the 10th and I have finally gotten around to writing a blog post. Not my fault, entirely, or so I claim. I got shingles and that f’ed literally everything about my existence up for multiple days, so my plan to blog each day was thwarted. So, I’m going to attempt to re-trace my steps and approach the blogs as I had planned to, starting from before actually getting into Arizona and onto the reservation.

Last year, I took Land in Lakota Culture for Spring Term, and it served as a period of real growth for me in that time of my life. It opened up new doors that had never been opened in my psyche, and I knew I wanted to take Tohono O’odham Land & Culture (or however each of those names go). Unfortunately, the year before this Spring Term was less conducive to approaching the four weeks with intention and spirituality and so on and so forth. In fact, even without a full course load, I was running around like a legitimate crazy woman still trying to get my mind, body, and life together.

Needless to say, I was excited to be gone from Lexington and the rigors of life. Likewise, I was excited to learn about a new American Indian culture that I’d had no exposure to before this course. How would it compare to last year’s experience on Pine Ridge? How would my personal experience compare?

I was ready, but little did I know, my body was not…

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