Part 2: PG & CG / Shingles Begins to Ruin My Life

I noticed during the flight a small rash starting to form on the back of my leg. What is this? Certainly nothing.

By the time I got to Phoenix, She (shingles) had arrived, but I didn’t know it yet. I tried to shower, called my mother, did everything I could to stop the rash, but She was here, and I could not stop her.

Day 1: Pueblo Grande and Casa Grande

Pueblo Grande was very interesting, though it was comical how this very ancient historical site was seemingly right in the middle of an urban area. The tour guide seemed nice and like he knew a lot, but I wish that he spoke more about the actual cultural happenings within Pueblo Grande. Rather, I thought the tour brushed over a great deal of information and could have stood to go more in depth given our age and interest. Also, did anybody else hear the tour guide say that humans are changing the climate but not as much as “natural forces”? I’m not sure I agree with him. Nevertheless, it was a good show.

I found Casa Grande to be especially interesting and beautiful. Before this trip, I’d visited Mesa Verde in Colorado once, which is a similar ancient civilization structure, though a great deal more expansive. Still, Casa Grande was exceptionally well preserved given that it’s made of mud and is thousands of years old. In some regards, you could feel the age-old energy of the place — of a civilization past long before you today. That isn’t something you get on the East coast. Meeting eyes with the CG owl made me feel right at home.

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