Final Hike and Ride Home- Blog #8

It is finally our last moments in Arizona (where has the time gone?) and we are gearing up for the long journey home. We went on a hike in the Organ Pipe National Park and we got to see a cool, new species of cacti that we had yet to see. On the hike, we took a trip into the middle of a canyon, and Arizona did not fail to provide on the beauty. It was peaceful sitting in the middle of the canyon just listening to the hummingbirds fly past. We even got to see the first (and only) puddles of the trip. They were filled with little tadpoles. The wildlife in the Sonoran Desert is endless and amazing. It was yet another unique experience.

Then we spent the afternoon in Ajo where we had an extra few hours to see more of the beauty in the town. The city’s central plaza is visually appealing looking into the courtyard from the Curly School. And we had another amazing burger from the Farmer’s market. But our time in the quaint town was winding down quickly,  and we eventually had to move on.

So we picked all our bags up and moved to Phoenix. There we had a very spicy dinner at a Thai place (still think we should have gone to Rudy’s, Eric H. will back me on this one). We laughed about Jacob mistakingly ordering a spice level of 4 thinking it would be mild. Then we all definitely did not cram finishing our rough drafts the night before they are due and got a great night’s rest. Then the following day we flew home through 2 separate storms, finally getting into Lexington in the middle of the night, wrapping up a great trip. Sad to see it end, but it undoubtedly a great time.


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  1. Emily,

    It was sad that our trip had to come to an end, but I think we all got a lot out of it. We got to know people we didn’t know before, got to experience parts of the country that we barely knew existed, and got to hear from people who are actually affecting change within O’odham society. That last travel day was kinda crazy, as it was a huge scramble for most of us to get out of Charlotte, but we all ended up making it. At least I hope Eric S. and Hailey made it out of there.

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