Post #8: Final Thoughts

I had plenty of time to reflect on the trip while almost everyone else in the class was having a great flying experience courtesy of American Airlines. I used this time to lounge by the pool and do a couple blog posts, and think about the trip as a whole. I enjoyed the trip greatly, and I do honestly plan on returning at some point in my life. In a recent blog post, I mentioned that I feel a sort of requirement or duty to do something to attempt to help, and I think this will drive me to return. It’s difficult to learn so much about a culture and a group of people without feeling inherently connected, especially when this group of people is in an underprivileged situation. Poverty is an attack on human rights, and Native Americans are disproportionally facing this attack as a result of failed government intervention and in many times no fault of their own. The last few generations of Tohono O’odham and Native Americans around the United States have been born into reduced opportunity, born into reduced capabilities, and born into a situation of manipulation and oppression. This trip cemented my desire to contribute to social justice on reservations near my home and around the United States, and informed me greatly on a Native American group that I was unaware of.

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