Blog 6: Joe Joaquin Dinner

On May 7th, Joe Joaquin came to eat dinner with us. We had salad, rolls, and spaghetti with meat, cheese and red pepper flakes. Everyone that cooked did an awesome job. Tonight really felt like a family dinner; everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves. After dinner, it was awesome to hear Joe Joaquin speak about the salt pilgrimage. During class, we have discussed the salt pilgrimage several times, but it felt much more authentic coming directly from Mr. Joaquin. Further, I recognized some of his stories that Harvey had passed on to us in class (such as the example of the man scared of the big wave), but Joaquin added spirit and humor that elevated his stories. Overall, I feel like Joe Joaquin embodies everything we have been studying over the past couple of weeks, and it was an honor to meet him.

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  1. I agree. I enjoyed hearing about the salt pilgramiage directly from Joe as well. Someoe should have been recording it. Relatedly, if you see Pat around, you should ask to see his poem on Joe with you.

  2. Agree as well. There’s something about hearing first hand about cultural traditions that no second hand telling can recapture. I also thought the dinner was a great event for the solidarity of the group.

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