Econ 210, Intermediate Micro


Problem Sets
Topic Problems Answers Due Date Note
HW0 Math Exercises
HW1 Budget Sets
Jan 18 Budget Sets
HW2 Preferences
Jan 25 Preferences
HW3 Utility
Feb 1
HW4 IE and SE
Feb 8 SE and IE
HW5 Uncertainty Mar 1
HW6 Supply Mar 8
HW7 Auctions Mar 15
HW8 Monopoly Mar 22
HW9 Public Goods Apr 5
Old Exams
Midterms Finals
Date Exam Answers Exam Answers
Fall 2005 Final AK
Winter 2006 Midterm AK Final
Fall 2006 Midterm AK Final
Winter 2007 Midterm AK Final AK
Fall 2008 Midterm AK Final AK
Fall 2009 AK Fall 2009 AK
Winter 2010 AK
Winter 2011 AK
Fall 2011 AK
Winter 2012 AK
Fall 2012 Midterm AK
Win 2013 AK
Win 2014 AK Win 2014 AK
Fall 2014 Midterm AK Fall 2014 Final AK
Fall 2015 Midterm AK Fall 2015 Final AK

Utility Function Explorer [java jar file]

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