Published Articles and Working Papers

Published Articles

2000, “Cost Effective Control of Nitrogen Loadings in Long Island Sound”Water Resources Research 36:12, 3711-3720.

2012, “Trust, Perceptions of Corruption and Demand for Regulation: Evidence from Post-Socialist Countries” (with Peter Grajzl and Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl), Journal of Socio-Economics 41:3, 292-303.

2012, “Polar Coalitions in a Legislative Bargaining Game”, forthcoming in American Review of Political Economy

Working Papers

2012, “Jurisdiction, Crime and Development: The Impact of PL 280 in Indian Country” (with Peter Grajzl and Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl).

“Do Medicaid Eligibility Rules Distort Marriage and Divorce Decisions?” (with Ginny Hodges)

“Efficient Estimation of Interaction Effects in Probit Models Using Mata” [note] [code]


2010, “Cheap Threats: Cheap Talk in the Prisoners Dilemma with Peer Punishment” (with Neville Fogarty) [slides]

2009, Economic Science Association, Tuscon
“Dead Horses and Zombies: Overflow Risk in Peer Punishment Experiments” [slides]

2007, Economic Science Association, Rome
“Bargaining Over Public and Private Goods: A Three Player Experiment” [draft]

Proposed and On-Going Projects

“Cheating with Peer Monitoring and Honor Systems” (with Peter Grajzl)

“Second-level Externalities” (with James Kahn)

“The Effect of Competition on Speed and Area of Research in the Pharmaceutical Industry” (with Cailin Slattery and Alan Marco)

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