Pat the Friar

Prior to this trip, my experience with missionaries, particularly those located along the southern US border, was practically none. I pretty much had absolutely no clue what I was getting myself into when I heard we were staying at the San Solano mission in Topawa so I was presently surprised when I arrived. Of all the experiences that I had over the trip, my stay at the mission was one of the most memorable.

Being that the housing available to us was split between a large living complex that housed eleven people and a small one-bedroom hut in the back of the property, we ended up having to be separated. Donnie, Pat, and I ended up being the odd ones out and had to live in the “off-site” house. Again though, not knowing exactly what I was getting into, I was pleasantly surprised to find the house a quaint little home with all the amenities of a normal living structure. Pat and Donnie obviously found it quite comfortable considering they fell asleep almost instantly as seen by the picture below.

Pat and Donnie asleep moments after arriving at our living quarters

With both Pat and Donnie asleep and there still being an hour or two until dinner, I decided to take a walk around the property. Other than the church, a few living areas, and classrooms, I didn’t expect there to be much else in the area. I was surprised then to find that the site had at least three basketball courts, multiple swing sets, and a plethora of assorted playground infrastructure strewn across the landscape. Overall, it was a very cool place to stay.

Me on a swing I found while walking around the mission

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  1. Love this little snapshot of life in your off-off-campus house on the mission.Glad to hear you enjoyed your time there. I really liked it there as well. It obviously lacked some of luxurious amenities of the Sonoran Desert Inn in Ajo, but it didn’t lack in anything that was truly essential and it started to feel like home very quickly.

    Also a million thanks for the napping pictures. We can add those to the collection which so far have been dominated by Harvey.

  2. I love San Solano Mission. It is a place that offers both tranquility and bonding. It is not much to look at, but that’s its best feature. Thanks for your reflections on one of my favorite spots.

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