Something About Goodbyes and See You Laters

Well, if the multitude of emails I’ve received from every section of the housing department here at W&L is anything to go by, I’d say it’s just about done. Once again, four of the most beautiful weeks of the year have come and passed and with it, one of the best academic experiences I’ve had at this school. I can’t begin to thank everyone on this trip enough for this opportunity and experience. I couldn’t have imagined a better group of people to go with or better pairing of professors.

As I look back on the experience, I’m glad that this Spring Term I was able to enrich my academic experience through traveling. It’s truly unique being able to literally talk to the people that are writing the things that we read in class. Getting the opportunity to visit and talk with so many Tohono O’odham places and people was amazing and really reinforced all the conversations we had in the classroom. Returning for next semester and having this not be the case is going to be rather difficult I anticipate.

After this experience, I realize just how hard it is to truly understand a topic if you’re only experiencing it in a classroom setting. While yes, a basic knowledge can be gathered through positive academic discussion and diligent classwork, a holistic understanding can only be gathered through actual experience. Sure it may have only been a little more than a week but I can’t overemphasize just how much the interactions we had supplemented my learning experience.

Well, that’s all from me. I wish everyone the best going into next semester and have a fantastic summer!

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  1. Haley, I will have to make copies of your entry and hang them on my office walls when I am feeling depressed. What a great gift you have given all of us who were on the Tohono O’odham visit, not to mention the people of the Nation themselves.

  2. Sorry Evan. I misread your comment as coming from Haley. I will make sure your name is in caps when I hang your entry in my office.

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