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At the museum today when we learned about the Tohono O’odham’s efforts to involve youth and incorporate the younger members into political and overall issues the tribe is facing, I was impressed and excited for the tribe. This seems like a very effective way to encourage participation in issues and stir support or pride in O’odham ways as well as help create possible avenues for O’odham to pursue considering the low amount of opportunity and high poverty rates on the reservation. This seems like a very promising program and I could even see it helping across America in all neighborhoods to encourage civil participation and work in government. I think the incorporation of the Tohono O’odham youth has been correctly recognized as the key to preserving the O’odham ways of life and guaranteeing a passion for their heritage that has become increasingly easy to lose today. Although the O’odham went through periods where their heritage and culture were attacked through forced assimilation and boarding schools, with these types of programs there seems to be a resurgence of pride for the culture. It’s exciting to see and I hope that programs like these can revitalize this unique culture that has dwindled within the last hundred years.

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  1. I Agree Grayson. The member from the Youth Council who visited us was very impressive. It would be interesting to learn more about what they consider the main issues the Nation is facing and how their generation can approach them in creative ways grounded in Tohono O’odham traditional values. I am not so sure what the T.O are trying to achieve through the Y.C. can be very easily exported to various neighborhoods across American as the model presumes a shared history, values, and tribal identity. However, it can be suggestive of other ways to generate youth participation and action

  2. The existence of a youth council is promising for Tohono O’odham folk culture. Also, and somewhat bittersweet, the youth council member mentioned that though they may not get a ton of members, the ones they have are very dedicated to the group. Its often a tough sell for kids in communities to get involved in organizations such as a youth council, but if the Tohono O’odham can figure it out, the council could be a lasting bright spot for a long time to come.

  3. I believe that the youth council is a great idea. My opinion is that our society does not do enough to reach out to teenagers and adolescents. The social situations at high schools and middle schools across America tend to expose students to a number of bad influences. Do you have any idea for what we as a society can do to help people at one of the most important and challenging times of their lives?

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