Footsteps of the Past

Sunday morning brought us an early awakening and a trip to Suguaro National Park. Arriving shortly after the coming of the sun, our group sought to beat the heat as we walked the desert trails in search of expansive views and the chance at finding long lost petroglyphs. With the gravel crunching below our feet, we tracked through a dehydrated wash and across creature infested wasteland towards some ambiguous peak.

Panoramic shot of the Sunday morning hike
One of the many cacti seen during our hike

Hiking here was nothing like the Northeast. Not only did the ground actively attempt to shirk away from your feet as if you were running on the beach, but everything was seemingly out to get you. Although maybe slightly irrational, the entire hike I felt as if one misstep would take me to the front door of some venomous snake’s lair or directly into the indifferent pinch of a wild cactus. Regardless of this, though, the experience was incredible. I was a huge fan of being able to see a different landscape and escaping the familiarity of the urbanization of Tucson.

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  1. Good post, Evan. You brought back the sights, sounds and trepidation of our hike. My apologies for maybe reminding you all to look out for snakes a few too many times. By the way, it was Wasson peak and I guess you’re right; we left it ambiguous.

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