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Defensive wall of the Pueblo Grande ruins. 70cm thick at base. Mixed limestone and motar. 9 ft tall.

N 33° 26′ 42.77”

W 111° 59′ 02.56″

Exterior dwelling wall at Casa Grande, adobe, no inclusions, no wattle visible. No bricks visible. 35 cm thick at base. Pueblo III and Pueblo IV Eras.

N 32° 59′ 37.52″

W 111° 32′ 37.52″

interior corridor, casa grande, adobe. 80 cm thick at base and at max hight. no bricks visible.
Exterior wall, casa grande, adobe. 80 cm, no bricks, built up from ground, not placed or daubbed
Saguaro support beam over the corridor in casa grande, adobe.
Broken tool, most likely a hand axe at casa grande. Greenstone or granite. found in northwest quadrant of building before the big structure.

N 32° 59′ 40.02”

W 111° 32′ 13.99″

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  1. Nice picutres. Didn’t Larry say that the walls probably weren’t used for defense? Also what is it about that stone that leads to you to think it may be a broken axe?

    1. Hi Prof. Guse,

      I thought he did say the wall was for privacy and defense but didn’t end up working (insert Build a Wall joke here).

      Also, the last picture was of broken rocks that could actually be put back together to make a hilt of a 3/4th hand axe. You could actually see the hilt and how it was smoothed out. There was also a piece that was smoothed out into a very narrow edge, what would have been the blade. There was however parts missing. I should have taken a scale pic each piece and of the put together axe.

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